8 Tips On How To Keep Your Data Safe Online

05 February 2021

8 Tips On How To Keep Your Data Safe Online Get in touch to stay online!   Keeping your business and your private data online safe is something we prioritise at Illuminate. With cutting edge software, training from experts and ongoing support, we can help businesses of any size stay secure and minimise the risk […]

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126 Million Covid-19 Phishing Scams in One Week

20 May 2020

As far back as 17 April, Google reported that they had blocked 18 million Covid-19 phishing emails in one day. Phishing is still the most popular form of attack, with ransomware coming a close second. These two threats are what keep most IT Departments awake at night.

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Cyberattack Article

17 February 2019

“Cyberattacks show no sign of slowing down this year, according to a Wednesday report from Positive Technologies. Q2 2018 saw a 47% increase in cyberattacks over Q2 2017, with targeted attacks outnumbering mass campaigns as cybercriminals grow more sophisticated. Most cases involved targeted attacks on companies and their clients, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges, the report found.”

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