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Edinburgh Cloud Solutions

Cloud & Onsite Solutions For Business of Any Size


  • Save Money
  • Secure Your Data
  • Increase Accessibility
  • Streamline Collaborations and Communication
  • Ongoing Cloud IT Support From Experts 
Illuminate offers a range of Cloud Services Edinburgh businesses can use to help stay secure, improve accessibility and make day-to-day working so much more straightforward. Scaled to your needs, and with our hands-on and client-specific solutions, you can get an edge on the competition, bring your team closer together and have peace of mind knowing your data is secure. So why wait? Let us show your business the benefits of the cloud.




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What are the benefits of the cloud?


With our help, you can fully incorporate the cloud and its many advantages into your business. With specialist knowledge, an expert team and years of experience providing leading Edinburgh computer services, we’ve worked with companies both big and small to introduce cloud computing to their IT practices and have a full understanding of what it can offer. Just some of what our Edinburgh cloud solutions can offer include:


Mobility and Simpler Remote Working

Being able to quickly adapt, work on the go and still be at full capacity is crucial. With the cloud, you can safely access whatever you need, when and wherever you need it.



Crashes, errors and IT system failures can cost you time, money and effort better spent elsewhere. With the cloud, you can put an end to this issue and streamline the working process.


Always Up To Date

Say goodbye to server migrations, maintenance downtime and watching loading bars. You can maintain and manage all of your data in the cloud.


Collaboration and Communication

With our cloud services, you can stay in communication with your team and clients, collaborate regardless of your location and make sure nothing gets lost or forgotten.



Our expert team of IT security professionals will help you to get everything on the cloud and then keep it secure as part of our ongoing support services. The lack of physical drives also means your data can’t be stolen or lost, while security features help keep it safe from cyber-threats.


Disaster Recovery

With our advanced recovery strategies, we can make sure your data can be recovered as quickly as possible, minimising any downtime.


Save Money

No more expensive physical hardware or server storage means you can benefit from substantial cost savings.


Cloud Storage

No more losses from broken hardware or misplaced hard drives, storing your data and files on the cloud offers unlimited storage with improved security features and fantastic accessibility.


What cloud computing services Illuminate provides


With our cloud services, Edinburgh businesses can reap the benefits of cutting edge technology and specialist support from a team ready and available whenever you need assistance.

Having worked with a wide range of clients and third-party cloud services providers, we can help you find the provider that meets all your needs. Each business is unique, and so our tailored services offer whatever you need to stay secure and have peace of mind with ongoing maintenance and support. Our cloud services include:


Cloud Backup

Moving your data to the cloud is essential for a sound recovery strategy and is fantastic for security. It also ensures that whatever you need to access is ready to go at the click of a button. Reliable, cost-efficient and fully automated, we can assist your business every step of the way and ensure your information stays secure.


Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud will give you and your business the access to cutting-edge technology which allows you to outperform your competitors. Granting you greater flexibility with your day-to-day work, enhancing collaboration, communication, and data protection, Illuminate can help take your business to the next level with cloud migration.


Get in touch to discuss how we can introduce your business to a new way of doing business and move you to the cloud.

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    © Illuminate Technology Ltd 2022. All Rights Reserved.
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