Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber security is a culture which needs to be at the heart of any organisation, we provide board level training and awareness.

This top down approach ensures that all members of the organisation are on board and we ensure this awareness and training is carried out as part of daily life within an organisation.

This training is only one part of our cyber arsenal, with hardware and software tools to suit your budget and level of risk to cyber crime.

We are CyberEssentials Practitioners and provide a full suite of certification to suit your requirements and budget. We will manage the process to ensure you pass the requirements first time, giving you an accreditation to be proud of, and your customers the confidence that your technology is secure.

Launched by the UK Government, Cyber Essentials is a badge of honour for businesses that want to prove they have invested in cyber security. It reflects your commitment to keep data safe, builds trust with your customers, and shows you’re serious about tackling cybercrime.

The certification process can be Essentials where we take you through and provide a certificate or Cyber Essentials Plus, which must be obtained after the Essentials and involves an onsite audit to check that all of the elements from the self-assessment have been put into practice.

Benefits of Cyber Security

  • We are proud to be Cyber Essentials Practitioners, supporting the scheme and the work conducted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the IASME consortium to protect UK businesses.
  • We will provide a full suite of certification within budget and existing capabilities
  • Achieving Cyber Essentials is an accreditation your business can be proud of and gives your customers confidence that your technology and their information are secure.
  • As of October 2014, specific Government contracts require you to have the certification.