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Backup and Recovery Solutions

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Never leave your digital assets at risk

Sadly, many businesses face occasions when files, information or entire systems can become lost or damaged. Whether this due to cybercrime, accident or general wear and tear, it can significantly impact your revenue, reputation and customer base.

To help your information, data and any other digital assets stay secure, we offer a fully managed backup and recovery service for businesses of any size. Whether it’s using our cloud and onsite solutions or helping your team to retrieve any lost data, we’re just a call away.

Do I really need to backup my data?


Data loss can be catastrophic for businesses, especially smaller companies or new-starts. Regardless of how it happens, the results of a breach can lead to decreased staff productivity, damage to your business’s reputation and can cause customers to either temporarily or permanently go elsewhere. In 2020:

  • 33% of UK companies report losing customers due to a breach (source: Carbon Black).
  • In the UK, up to 77% of companies have suffered a security breach in the last year (source: Carbon Black).
  • A small business in the UK in successfully hacked every 19 seconds (source Hiscox)

Data protection, backup solutions and instant recovery

Not every company is large enough and fortunate enough to have an in-house IT team, who can handle their data management needs. This is why we aim to supply this much-needed service to any company that needs it, regardless of their size or current capabilities.

Keeping your business secure takes more than just having copies of your data. It takes time, knowledge and constant attention to ensure you are fully protected, so let Illuminate help you. Just some services we provide include:

Full system recovery

We can help manage everything from data, hardware and software to a full operating system boot-up environment. This means in the case of a catastrophic failure with your server or computer systems, you’ll have access to a recent backup to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Offsite, onsite and cloud data storage

Protecting you from hardware damage, power surges and other means of onsite data loss. We offer the safe management of your information, helping you set up a secure cloud storage server or using external drives.

End-to-end encryption

We’ll keep your data safe and encrypted on both ends of a connection with any cloud backups your business has, or any we can help you set up.

Disaster recovery planning

We can help your business to plan, design and implement strategies to protect your data. We’ll advise you on the best and most cost-effective means of preventing data loss and restoring data when needed.  We can provide a DR product that can spin up a copy of your current environment in the cloud in the event of a disaster to facilitate quick recovery and allow your staff to keep working either in the office or at home seamlessly.

Illuminate is always on hand for your peace of mind and to reduce losses for your business. To discuss our data backup and recovery services, your business needs and how we can save you time, stress and money in the long term, get in touch.

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