126 Million Covid-19 Phishing Scams in One Week

20 May 2020

As far back as 17 April, Google reported that they had blocked 18 million Covid-19 phishing emails in one day. Phishing is still the most popular form of attack, with ransomware coming a close second. These two threats are what keep most IT Departments awake at night.

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Pivot, adapt, but also be careful…

31 March 2020

Moving to the new ‘normal’ what is the new normal, will your business ever be the same again? Do you know of all the tools available? Are you also aware of the risks to your business?

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Together we are Changing the World; One Business at a Time

10 June 2019

My gratitude has led me to reflect on the experiences of international businesswomen. From young girls determined to get an education, to female entrepreneurs that against the odds start a business to make the lives of their communities better, the good work that Illuminate delivers in Edinburgh will positively impact the lives of others across the world.

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