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Illuminate Ringfence

Illuminate Ringfence

Secure your data in the office and when working remotely


Securing your business’s data should always be a top priority, whether you’re working in the office, working from home or on-the-go. Illuminate’s new Ringfence package offers a way to do this that’s easy, affordable, and suitable for any used connection type.


Stay protected in a work from anywhere economy


What protection does Ringfence offer?



Whether using public Wi-Fi (from abroad or other untrusted networks) Ringfence ensures privacy and security. It is encrypted using US Government recommended cryptographic standards and defends against data theft and attacks.


All events and alerts are logged with us, so we can advise when something has occurred and how it has been caught. It also learns from you and your staff on the kinds of sites and downloads you use and can advise when something different occurs.


Ringfence ensures sites you are visiting do not contain malicious material and won’t phish your credentials.


Control categories of websites that your staff are not allowed to visit.


Ringfence analyses traffic for threats, malicious activity and abnormal behaviour and patches for these threats.


Secure websites (those with https) we think are secure. 70% of attackers are using the same technology to hide from security solutions. Ringfence inspects this traffic and will block if it finds a threat hiding.


Even trusted domains are now being used to host malicious files. Ringfence inspects the URL for threats and catches malicious sites, content and files missed by other products.


Ringfence inspects downloads for threats such as malware before they start to download the files. Only then will they be allowed to be saved onto your device.


Is Ringfence an alternative to VPNs?

As Ringfence offers end-to-end protection, it can be a great alternative to the expensive subscriptions and slowed connection speeds that often come with using a VPN.

What connection types does Ringfence protect?

Ringfence keeps you secure regardless of which connection you might be using. So whether you’re in the office or working from home, you can have peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

  • Mobile data connections: 3G, 4G and 5G
  • Any broadband connection: ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC, GFast, Cable, FTTP
  • Wi-Fi: private and public
  • Direct ethernet connections


Can Ringfence be used across multiple devices?

Whether it is a tablet, mobile or desktop computer, Ringfence will keep your connection secure. This means you and your employees can stay safe while online wherever you work and whatever you are working on.


Do I need to be continually connecting to Ringfence for it to work?

No! Connecting is simple and acts as an ‘always on’ protection, meaning once you’re up and running, you can just let it work in the background, with the knowledge you’re fully secured. There are no complicated settings you need to adjust and no need to be turning Ringfence on and off regularly, just security and peace of mind.


Do you offer support with Ringfence?

Of course, we can help you get everything up and running and provide you with expert advice to protect sensitive data while offering ongoing support whenever you need assistance.

Every device, every user and every connection within your business can be protected with Ringfence. For £15 per user, per month you can work safely, transfer data securely and have peace of mind as the current work-from-home economy continues. For more details on this or any other service we offer, give us a call.

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