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A word from Amanda

Thank you to everyone who filled in our recent quarterly feedback survey! We were delighted to receive over 100 scores of 9 and 10. We need to hear from more of you though, so please urge your colleagues to respond and remember to click on our feedback emojis (see right) at the end of each ticket. This alerts us to review how the engineer has responded and is used extensively for training. Good or bad, we want to hear it all!

Company news

We are delighted to welcome our new Technical Specialist, Scott, to the team. Scott has grown quickly in his 2 years in IT and is enthusiastic to get stuck in, resolving your issues remotely and on-site. Be sure to give him a warm welcome if you cross paths!

Tech Byte

How would you like a tool in MS Teams which can transcribe your discussion, create an action list for attendees and provides an end summary of meeting outcomes? This is just one of the many powerful features of Microsoft’s AI offering, CoPilot. As with any AI tool, there are data and privacy controls which need to be considered, but this is a brilliant addition to the Microsoft Suite. We’d be happy to talk you through how this could be compliantly added to your business to streamline the way you run meetings.

In the meantime, you can read more about it here.

Product spotlight

Did you know we provide a learning portal to boost your team’s productivity and IT knowledge? If you are not convinced that you are getting the best value out of Microsoft Teams or SharePoint, the learning portal provides a series of short videos on Microsoft software and Windows 11, as well as tips on time management and customer service.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions about using our learning portal.

IT in the news

Microsoft have released fixes to address a record 149 vulnerabilities this month, with two of the flaws already having been actively exploited in the real world.

It’s crucial that users and organisations apply these security updates as soon as possible. The active exploitation of vulnerabilities underscores the importance of staying vigilant and keeping systems up to date. Cybersecurity threats are ever evolving, and proactive measures are essential to safeguard against potential risks.

If you are already signed up to one of our security packages; Illuminate Basic, Pro, Advanced or Advanced+, this has already been done for you. As part of these packages we control, deploy and monitor these critical security updates on your behalf with no user interaction required – (other than rebooting!)

Team updates

Amanda has been down in the big smoke this month, talking about ‘What success looks like’ with her peers in the IT Industry at the first ever MSP (managed service provider) Show. The panel was full of speakers from diverse business types which brought a really interesting variety of experience and wisdom to the event. One useful tool that we wanted to share was the ‘Urgent versus important’ matrix, a quick tool to help you organise your time and prioritise tasks effectively.

Read about Amanda’s trip on LinkedIn

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