Women in tech


In my early days in corporate IT, I learned from incredible ladies working in the service desk, project management, network administration and IT trainer roles. 

Later, when I built and sold my own Managed Service Provider (MSP) business, I noticed that there were conspicuously fewer women within the MSP community. Indeed, it’s probably fair to say that the MSP industry has acquired a reputation for being male-dominated. 

In my opinion, that needs to change. 

Any MSP owner will tell you how difficult it is to recruit and retain good quality staff — yet ask any girl or woman about pursuing a career in IT, and very few will be interested. 

We need to reverse the trend and address the perception of our industry as being male-focused. I hope that this e-book helps spark some conversations about how we can make that change. 

It was my honour to interview the amazing women you’re about to hear from. 

By reading highlights from these conversations (and listening to the accompanying podcast episodes), I hope that everyone, but especially IT business owners, will learn what makes these ladies tick, and how their stories can inspire change to encourage more girls and women into this wonderfully rewarding industry. 

Richard Tubb

With features from…

Baroness Elizabeth Berridge, Grace Marshall, Olesia Klevchuk, Vera Tucci, Jennifer Bleam, Maggie Philbin OBE, Diana Giles, Nancy Sabino and Amanda Stewart