Cyber threats

Cyber Threats

With the current crisis in Ukraine, we are seeing a massive increase in cyber threats coming from Russia, these are not going to tail off anytime soon. Some of these will take the form of phishing attacks, so make your staff aware or look at security training software to help ensure your staff have the latest education at their fingertips, they are the gatekeepers to your data. Any breach under GDPR rules mean they are able to be individually sued too, its not just the head of the organisation that is at risk here.

Things to be aware of – check your cyber insurance policy to ensure ‘act of war’ is covered. If the attack comes from Russia then your insurance will not pay out

Also, if you are the victim of a ransomware attack from Russia, and if you have no other option than to pay the ransom, then you are effectively breaking sanctions with Russia, which is illegal.

Whilst no one is immune to being targeted, ensure you have the following:

  • Security culture within your organisation from top down
  • Cyber security training as mandatory for all staff
  • Phishing tests for all staff
  • Regular, tested backups