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05 February 2021
8 Tips On How To Keep Your Data Safe Online

8 Tips On How To Keep Your Data Safe Online

8 Tips On How To Keep Your Data Safe Online

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Keeping your business and your private data online safe is something we prioritise at Illuminate. With cutting edge software, training from experts and ongoing support, we can help businesses of any size stay secure and minimise the risk of cyber-threats. To shine a light on how to best protect yourself, we have:

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Illuminate’s top tips for staying safe online


1. Check your settings

Privacy settings are a fantastic way to secure yourself online but unfortunately is something many people neglect.

Every app, internet browser and piece of software you use will likely have its own form of privacy settings. It’s important to know what data and information these apps collect, store and share and then take the necessary precautions of adjusting for optimum safety. We recommend always opting to share the least amount of data possible.

2. Strong passwords

An easy tip to remember when it comes to passwords is: keep them strong and don’t use the same one for many log-ins.

Another tip we offer concerning passwords is to avoid saving them on devices, browsers or websites. While convenient, it leaves them open for cyber-criminals to steal and exploit. If you wish to save and manage many passwords, we recommend using a secure password manager, something our team would be happy set up with you.

3. Don’t neglect mobile devices

Business is no longer confined to the office, and we know this. This is why, when helping to secure your data, mobile devices should never be forgotten.

You should always use reliable security for mobile devices, some of which can be found for free but carry the risk of data mining your phones. Our team of security specialists can help find and install a range of features that’ll protect your phones and tablets from most threats and malicious software.

4. Anti-theft precautions

If the worst happens and your devices are stolen, your data is also then at risk.

Anti-theft precautions, such as remote resets and shutdowns, can help keep your information out of the wrong hands. These types of precaution are also excellent means of protecting yourself and your team from identity theft, as you can at any time wipe personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses from any device.

5. Backup your data

A simple tip, but one of the most important for data protection. Having up to date backups can save you from attacks such as ransomware, accident loss of data or hardware damage. Illuminate offers a wide range of local and cloud-based backup solutions to keep your data secure and easily accessible.

6. Bluetooth threats

Bluetooth technology has revolutionised how we use mobile devices and connectivity, but it leaves us open to data breaches. While there are options to hide your connection, it may not always be good enough to keep you secure. Always remember to switch off your Bluetooth connection when not in use to protect from outside threats.

7. Caution for public Wi-Fi

Connecting to the internet while away from a secure connection, such as working in a coffee shop on a train, can be incredibly risky. Not all connections are encrypted and secure, and so caution should be had before connecting. You can leave yourself open to others monitoring your activity, stealing data or infecting your system with malicious software.

An excellent solution our clients can enjoy is our Ringfence technology which secures any connection on any device at any time, perfect for working remotely.

8. Stay up to date

We’ve all been working at one point and see the ‘updates available’ pop-up on our desktop. While inconvenient and often a hindrance, we recommend never putting this task off for long. As well as improving your system’s functionality the updates help keep your devices secure with critical security patches.


There you have it, eight simple tips to keep you secure online. This is just the tip of the iceberg; cyber-criminals are always adapting, improving and learning new ways to steal data from your business. This is why Illuminate offers to act as security experts and a tested partner to keep all your sensitive information safe, whether this is providing specialist software, support or training to your staff members.


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