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31 March 2020
Pivot, adapt, but also be careful…

Pivot, adapt, but also be careful…

The new normal

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It’s been a strange time in our history, one that has brought out the worst, but also more importantly the best in people. It has been heartening to see all the messages of support to those in our society doing so much and putting themselves in the frontline.  The heroic NHS, police, care workers, teachers, food suppliers, delivery drivers and council workers. These people we need to keep us healthy and allow the fabric of society to continue during the lock down.

Then we have those who are keeping us entertained.  TV and radio (I couldn’t live without the radio), YouTube. People finding inventive ways of helping with the boredom of school children.

I am amazed at the adaptation of businesses. At the drop of a hat, we have moved our clients to remote working, they have taken it in their strides.  They’ve created makeshift workspaces at the end of the dining room table, in the spare room, or on a corner of the sofa. Their normal working practices have been halted, but they have found ways of doing the same thing in a different way  From setting up collaborations with other complimentary organisations, or pivoting their businesses for new opportunities.

We will eventually get back to ‘normal’, but it will be a different kind of normal. I think we will question ways of doing things and be more inventive going forward which can only be a good thing.

Our frontline

Our staff have been heroes too. They were frantically out delivering emergency laptops and installing backup broadband routers before the lockdown.  And they have also had to adapt to working from home whilst also providing the support our clients need to do the same. Home working has its challenges, staff broadband is not always friendly to VPN’s and a lot of the work is being carried out blind, without knowing the exact setup of the infrastructure they are trying to support. VoIP phones often need a power supply or powered switch, often forgotten in the panic to get home.

Are you armed and prepared?

None of this is ideal, it is often not ‘best practice’ but we are not living in ideal times. BUT – You need to make sure what is put in place is secure and workable for your businesses. There are a lot of new Cyber threats coming out, based on the Corona virus, and your staff won’t have their colleagues at their shoulders to help identify what is real or not. Cyber training of staff right now is vital, don’t neglect it, or your brand new ideas and ways of working might be under threat.

Be aware of all the tools available at your hands if you have a 365 subscription. Now might be a perfect time to find what is useful for you, implement and train your staff before you are fully back to your shiny new vision of ‘normal’.

Check out the updated FAQ’s on secure home working here, Also self-help videos on 365 on our YouTube channel here.

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